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Uberbyte "DOS" reviews and Crunch Pod sampler news


Reviews of DOS so far :

"while remaining damned heavy, Uberbyte have made quite a bit of progress... “DOS” certainly surpasses their debut" Side Line (belgium)
"I would even go so far as to say that I an affirmed non-dancer couldn't help but sway to the fascinating rhythms in 'DOS'. For the music connaisseur there is even lots of hidden technical sound gadgetry waiting to be discovered" (U)selinks webzine (germany)
"Uberbyte hops on the train of the TBM-hype and do not miss goal. The sound is good and the vocals sound very fresh…" Gothtronic (holland)
"Uberbyte is firing on all cylinders and Crunch Pod has a pretty big hit on their hands. It's going to be difficult to get through a club night this year without hearing at least one track off this album" Dark twin cities (US)
"you will be sure to hear (DOS) on industrial dancefloors. DOS is worth buying.. doesn’t require you to skip over filler songs." 5skullz.com (US)

Our label Crunch Pod have a free sampler featuring Uberbyte and loads of other kick ass bands from the roster. Go download it:

Click for FREE Crunch pod sampler
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