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Uberbyte "DOS" : 2 weeks. Including audio preview

2 weeks to the release of CRUNCH060 : "DOS" by Uberbyte.


Preview of "under the cross" from DOS.

Preview of "soma" from DOS.

Soma  by  uberbyte

Following up their surprise hit debut "SIC", the UK's confrontational industrialists Uberbyte are now ready to unleash their follow-up, titled "DOS," on Crunch Pod.
DOS maintains Uberbyte's penchant for hook driven songwriting, this time with a darker, grittier edge. It also sees the band emerge from a whirpool of influences into something altogether more realized and mature. On the new disc, the band's central recording hub and main clubwrecker, also known as Uberman, remarked:
"With SIC we announced ourselves, but DOS goes a quantum level beyond that. We're still all about songs and hooks but this time we got down to showing some more teeth, a bit more of the kind of aggression and groove we have live. It was a blast to make too-- lots of fun and that's what really counts to us."
Uberbyte remains, at their core, a mixture of the old and new school of industrial, pumping out enough pile driving, slam dunking power for any dancefloor while at the same time being capable of throwing out lean, distinctive, melodic material with a dark, twisted sense of humor.
Get ready to be Uberbyte's industrial bitch.
1. Under The Cross
2. Say What??
3. The Gift
4. Dissect
5. Industrial Bitch
6. Soma
7. Aeon
8. Rewind
9. Last Human
10. Time And Paper
11. (Let's Put The Fun In) Fundamentalist
12. Ich Will Tanzen

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In other news. The last episode of BSG was stonking.

Click on the image to order DOS from Music Non Stop (UK):

Click on the image to order DOS from Resurrection Records (UK):

Click on the image to order DOS from Crunch Pod (US):

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